CHU Strata Insurance: A Cut Above The Rest

CHU Strata Insurance

So you have finally decided to buy a strata-titled property and decide to look for an insurance company who can handle all your unique requirements. Then, you heard about CHU Strata Insurance Specialists and ask yourself—Can this insurer be trusted? Obviously, a no-nonsense recommendation from someone you know should amount to something. But while that may be subjective in nature, a quick check online will point you to why CHU and its team of insurance agents and certified brokers like Landlord Insurance HQ continually rake in more accolades from strata property owners.


Focused Approach

Unlike other insurance companies in the market, CHU Strata Insurance is focused only on one thing—Strata Insurance. For almost 40 years now, CHU has crafted more than 100,000 strata schemes to assist property owners in their unique needs. The company not only offer residential, commercial or industrial strata insurance but also extends to community title and mortgagee protection. It also understands that some strata-title owners engage in rent-out investments as such a specialist landlord insurance product can also be customized to suit a property owner’s requirements.

As market leaders, CHU work closely with various investment property outfits, property managers, suppliers, brokers, organizations, and other key players in the Australian strata market to ensure top-rated products and services are delivered to their clients. Not only are updates done regularly and within the bounds of any legislative revisions, it also works to improve their policy offerings day in and day out guaranteeing stakeholders maximum protection even while they sleep.

Customer-Centric Schemes

CHU prides itself as one of the strata insurance industry’s market leaders. It provides flexibility and versatility in insurance policy schemes not present in other insurers. Customizable coverage can be arranged by customers with their reliable insurance agents or brokers. Its approach, one that’s highly revered in the industry, is built upon forging long-lasting trust and respect with its customers.


But what makes CHU Strata Insurance Specialists truly a cut above the rest? Here are just some points to ponder:


  • wide-ranging products and services
  • strata-focused
  • personalized/customized strata insurance policy
  • secured policies underwritten by QBE Insurance Australia Ltd
  • fair, fast, and tech-savvy claims system
  • dedicated emergency hotline with round-the-clock phone assistance
  • knowledgeable and approachable staff


Aside from convenient online claims system in place, paying one’s premium is also made even more convenient with its 5 easy-pay system—credit card, BPAY, bank electronic transfer, by post, and cheque. With these, the company ensures convenience and hassle-free transactions for their insurance policy holders.


Forging Lasting Connections


Part of the company’s trust-building and mutual respect efforts is geared upon delivering nothing but innovative policy schemes focused solely on strata-titled properties. Its main goal is to address the growing needs of millions of Australians who prefer this kind of unique living arrangement by uplifting their lives and giving them the protection they deserve. With almost 4 decades of being a trendsetter, it is no wonder why CHU strata insurance continues to be the leading specialist in a highly volatile industry.



Need help protecting a strata-titled investment property? Landlord Insurance HQ offers flexible investment property insurance policies direct with CHU Strata Insurance Specialists to address your unique requirements. Call us at 1300 815 344 for a consultation or request a quote online NOW!