Landlord Property Insurance Guide

Landlord PropertyLandlord property insurance provides protection for your investment and rental income. You can get cover for natural events like flood and other unforeseen events like fire. Insurance benefits can also include building and contents.

If you are in the market for landlord insurance, it is helpful to get details of benefits that would demonstrate how you can be protected and what it can mean to your landlord property.



Your Benefits

Building and Contents

In case your property is damaged totally or partially by fire or natural events, your policy can cover the costs of rebuilding or repairs.

Rent loss due to damage from defined events

If your property becomes unsuitable for tenancy due to damage from a defined event, you can be covered for rental loss as specified in your policy. This means you will continue to receive income during the period your property is untenanted.

Rental default

In case of sudden departure by your tenant, you can receive the remaining rent from the lease as specified in your policy. This ensures you can continue to cover mortgage payments and other landlord expenses even without rental income. In the event your tenant dies, you may also qualify to receive payment of rent equivalent to the period specified in your policy.

Legal expenses

Legal costs for eviction or court action against your tenant can be covered for amounts specified in your policy.

Malicious or accidental damage

Tenants are usually careful with the property but some landlords are not so lucky. Repairs and replacement costs of damage due to tenants, whether by accident or design, can be covered. When you investment property is destroyed by a tenant you can count on your policy to help with the costs of repairs.


If your tenant takes an expensive appliance or furniture, cost of replacement can be covered by your policy.

It can seem like the end of the world when the investment property you worked so hard for is destroyed. With landlord property insurance, you always have that second chance to rebuild and continue to count on your investment for your future.

Don’t take chances with your investment. Be sure to get protection for all the risks you face as a landlord.

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It pays to obtain landlord insurance. We never know what will happen but we can always be prepared for the worst with comprehensive landlord insurance benefits.